Happy Birthday Mohit Raina!

Happy Birthday Mohit!

14th August is an important date.

It’s important because it marks the birthday of a very special person: Mohit Raina.

Mohit is a prolific actor who puts more care into his facial expressions than you would think was necessary and thinks of the lines on the spot while keeping them spontaneous.

Mohit isn’t just one of India’s finest actors to grace Indian television and cinema screens through his impeccable body of work, but also a person who is much loved, adored and admired by a massive fan following in India and abroad.

On behalf of the official Mohit Raina Fan Club, here’s wishing you, our Dearest Superstar, Mohit, a wonderfully special birthday!

Our talented bunch of fans and followers would like to express their love, affection and adulation towards you and your work, Mohit, through these heartfelt creations. Simply click on the cakes below to see this. We hope you like this website!

Photo Artwork & Greetings

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Birthday Messages

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We love you lots! Stay blessed. Stay healthy. Stay with us!


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